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Reiki is a safe and gentle hands-on healing technique that balances the body, mind, emotions and spirit. The meaning of Reiki is derived from two Japanese words - Rei (universal consciousness) and Ki (life-force energy). Reiki has been proven to reduce pain, aid in healing and relax the mind and body. It is meant to be a complementary support to any other medical treatment.


First and foremost, you should always feel comfortable and safe. It is my job to make that happen. While receiving Reiki, you might feel light and calm, almost in a meditative state. Some people feel warmth or tingling and others just get relaxed with many even dozing off. 


During the session, you will remain clothed and lie face up on the table. Afterwards, we will talk through whatever either of us experienced. I often see, hear and/or feel various things during a session, so I like to share them with you to see what resonates and help you process them. I always send a follow up email with a summary for you to reference in the future, as well.


My studio is a relaxing space for you to recuperate from the stress of daily life. I will do all of the work, you just have to come willing to share what you are hoping to gain from the experience. We will take a few minutes to discuss whatever is ailing you and then you will remain fully clothed while I work on you. While I generally do gently place my hands on people during a session, I can refrain from doing so if that makes you uncomfortable.


Reiki can heal physical pain or disease. Mentally, it is something that can calm anxieties and relieve the stress of everyday life. As for emotional healing, Reiki can help with that, too. Emotions may arise as past traumas are released, but I will be there supporting you. I will always encourage Reiki as a complementary role to your standard medical care. Here are some common ailments that have been relieved by Reiki:

- Anxiety   - Burnout   - Autoimmune Disease   - Chronic Pain   - Inflammation   - Migraines   - Sleep Disorders   - Depression   - PTSD   - Fatigue   - Digestion Issues  - Allergies   - Post-Surgical Healing  - So much more!


For a distance session, we will work on Zoom or a phone call. I ask that you are in a quiet space in your home. If there may be noise to interfere with the session, there are free sound machine apps that you can download. I encourage you to wear comfortable clothing, have a large glass of water and a sleep mask or wash cloth to cover your eyes and a notebook if you'd like to take notes after.


But how does it work? I like to explain it this way: telephone, radio, electricity and satellite communicate in various frequencies that we can’t see, yet we know they do. Not only that, they connect across vast distances

All energy is connected, so my intention to give you Reiki isn't hindered by physical distance between us. You will receive the healing whether we are in the same room or across the world from each other. 


You will end a session fully relaxed and stress-free. I have had clients in Sweden and France (while I was in Austin) and the connection between us when working together was very strong and undeniable.


Initially, I encourage a series of sessions to receive ultimate benefit and fully comprehend how it can help you personally. From there, it is a personal decision and one we can talk through together. I have clients that I see weekly, some twice a week and others once a month. Knowing that cost can be an issue, I am always happy to work with my clients on a sliding scale if necessary.

Do you have more questions? Please reach out! I'm here to help.

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